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Playing catch up

Now that the craziness of the holidays is over and I’m no longer working overtime while simultaneously freelancing and helping out sick parents, I find I can start catching up on things I’ve been missing out on. I finally got to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (intense!) and I’m planning on seeing Sherlock Holmes 2 next week as well. I’ve also gotten back into playing Skyrim, finished up the Thieves Guild questline, and started the Dark Brotherhood’s.

This past week, I wrote about a new study that claims more gamers are playing on mobile devices than on PCs or consoles. Yet more proof that Angry Birds is taking over the world.

Epic Games took a stance against SOPA, a truly horrendous piece of legislation that could potentially put a lot of websites, and the freelancers who write for them, out of business. There’s currently a petition to veto the bill over at the White House’s official website, and I encourage everyone to sign it.

Several well-known editors in the gaming industry made like the Avengers this week and assembled at Vox Media to create a new gaming website temporarily called Vox Games. Many people are excited to see what these guys do, myself included. (Psst! I’m available for hire!)

I’ve been playing tons of Star Wars: The Old Republic since it launched on Dec. 20 and, this past week, BioWare explained why it recently banned some accounts. It’s nice to see the company taking an early and proactive stance against gold farming, but I have the feeling I’ll still have to listen to spam while blasting jawas on Tatooine.


Recommended reading: 25 tips for the young games journalist

Stumbled across this on Twitter tonight (thanks @aegies!) —  25 tips from IGN’s Colin Campbell to young games journalists. As someone who’s still learning the ropes myself, I always appreciate advice from the old timers, such as:

Your job is to inform and entertain readers. Your job is not to please corporate interests like console manufacturers, retailers or games publishers. Don’t ever allow yourself to become confused about this. Because, by means subtle or crude, they really will try to turn you to their agenda.

Check out the full list on Colin’s blog.

Impressive Skyrim violin cover

Pretty cool, huh?